I always wanted to be one of those people that you see in movies -- the ones with the unshakeable faith, the blind assurance, the firm contentedness that God had a plan for them and that they were #blessed. In high school, teenagers around me found Jesus and gave their testimonies to congregations. I was filled with envy. I was also filled with fear.

I wasn't like them. I experienced spirituality in a fundamentally different way. And when I experienced what I thought they had and tried to talk about it, I was ridiculed.

The truth was that I had always felt connected to something when I ran barefoot up a hill of bluegrass, when I danced through oak trees stretching towards the sky, when I turned into the wind and flung my arms out to embrace all of its power.

People fear what they don't understand. They'll try to force you into cookie-cutter shapes to make themselves comfortable. I have felt the pressure to do that my whole life by more than a handful of family members and "friends."

As I have gotten older, I have kept to the beat of my own drum. Their scoffing at my oddly colored hair and tattoos, rolling eyes at my style, and sneering at my comments about basic human rights never went unnoticed -- but now?

I am so sure of myself and who I am and what I believe that those things simply don't bother me anymore. So when someone tries to bully me into their line of thinking, I resolutely pronounce that I am proud of who I have become. I am proud that I was that little girl that love the sun and the sea and the sky.

I am simply proud.

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