Updated: Dec 2, 2020

When I was writing this poem, I was thinking about the aggressive nature of men and how they typically seek out partners the same way a hunter would with his prey. From far away, women seem so mysterious, exotic, alluring, wild. Of course men would be attracted to the indomitable female spirit; and what soon follows is always the same.

I can remember my mother telling me about going out on my own -- to always be careful, to always be aware of my surroundings.

"You never know what other people are doing or thinking," she'd say as a warning. I didn't realize how dangerous the world was until I left the comfort of a small southern town and went to college. I attended parties and was touched without giving consent. I walked through campus and was yelled at from hundreds of yards away. I went on dates and had to leave them without so much as a word because the guy refused to take "no" for an answer. It only became worse after I finished school; they became emboldened as the years went by.

I've had men in the past tell me how intimidating and dominant I am, how they were scared to approach me because of the resting cold apathy on my face. I used to reassure them that I was a nice girl and that I was friendly once they got to know me.

But then one day, a guy said I was more wolf than woman. That's when this poem came to life.

I can't help but think about the Weinstein case that concluded today when writing this. Some men will hunt women like it is a sport. They will try to tame our wild because, in their minds, we are meant to be controlled. There'll always be people who want to destroy simply because they can -- but I'll fight. I've got teeth. I'm not afraid to use them.

Katie H.

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