Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Hey there! I hope everyone is doing well that manages to find themselves here in this little corner of the internet. Presently, I am sitting in my recently decorated witchy room/office, listening to some A+ tunes. I have lit one of my favorites candles and I have set the atmosphere to get creative. And then it hit me that I have a TON of projects that need to be organized.

I thought a post like this would help hold me accountable and keep track of what I am working on. Even though I am a Virgo through and through, sometimes I want to DO ALL THE THINGS, and then I overwhelm myself with tasks......and then I don't complete anything.

As of February 25, I am currently working on:

  • a high fantasy novel featuring a badass lady protagonist.

  • a poetry chapbook featuring a collection that I have been writing for the last decade.

  • honing my drawing skills in a digital format (using Procreate and my iPad.)

  • reading Tarot every day.

  • a text-based roleplaying game (with two partners helping!)

  • crafts (watercolor painting and weaving.)

  • music (I recently got a new guitar!)

It's a lot, to say the least. But I figured I could bring all of this information, excerpts, and ideas to one central hub. Of course, I'll be posting on Instagram, so you can keep up with visuals there. This site will be a dedicated area to showing off my work and talking about my process behind it.

Until next time!

Katie H.

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