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Updated: Jan 31

I wrote this after some much-needed self-care. I don't think enough women write about desire. At least, not in the way men do. When I think about sexual poetry, I remember the first time I read e.e.cummings' "i like my body when it is with your" and how my 17-year-old ass was like

I had never seen anyone write anything like that. And since then, when I do write about sex in my own poetry, I try to elevate it in such a way that it couldn't be immediately perceived as some perverse piece...which is stupid because it is sex and it isn't supposed to be pretty.

I am happy that I am getting more comfortable writing about the subject, though. It's part of me that I rarely express outside of lewd jokes or discussions between girlfriends. I mean, sure, there are plenty of times I will talk about sex, but I always keep a lot of internal thoughts quiet simply because of sexual preference, fetishes, and kink. There's a lot of shame that surrounds it, but I am working on those parts of me. As always, we are a work in progress.

Katie H.

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