RAVAGER - poem

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Sometimes, you just have to write a sexy poem, y'all.

I find it very easy to convey passion, arousal, desire, love, and all the emotions that tie them together into words. This one, in particular, stands out to me because I can distinctly remember the imagery that came to mind when penning it.

I have always had sort of this mild obsession with Little Red Riding Hood and the story of the wolf. I think it is, in part, due to the purity complex fed to girls in the South during the early 2000s. So many of my friends were fixated on remaining virgins until marriage. I can remember their rings of silver presented to them by their fathers, the safe-keepers of their maidenhood.

Meanwhile, here I was, just wanting to fall in love and enjoying exploring my body. And I was told it was shameful by my peers and society. Thankfully, I had a pretty progressive mother who encouraged me to ask questions and have honest conversations with her about sex. Maybe that's why I am so frank about it nowadays.

Katie H.

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