RESTLESS - poem & art

The last week has me pretty exhausted, and I wasn't looking forward to this poem because of the prompt, but I persevered!

Sometimes I find pulling random words out of a (digital) hat to be more confusing when constructing a new poem. My style feels like a pair of good shoes, worn in just right. The challenges presented during NaPoWriMo can leave me frustrated.

Speaking of, the prompt!

Today, I’d like to challenge you to make a “Personal Universal Deck,” and then to write a poem using it. The idea of the “Personal Universal Deck” originated with the poet and playwright Michael McClure, who gave the project of creating such decks to his students in a 1976 lecture at Naropa University.

After I made my deck, I was given the words: hot, lost, vegetation, and (bonus!) stagger.

I think I did alright.

I also made this:

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